West Chester Pa Last Wills Lawyers

A Pa Last Will can grant your boss (Pa Executor) the ability to administer your Estate.

With respect to additional traits that your boss should possess (in addition to being able and willing), I have found that your boss (Pa Executor) should also be

  • honest
  • diplomatic.

The most common misconception that surrounds a Will is the process called probate and the seemingly universal theme that it should be avoided at all costs.

Again, and virtually to the contrary, the word probate is merely the Latin infinitive verb that means to prove, and, although some states do have onerous probate procedures (where the avoidance of probate may be a prudent strategy), Pennsylvania is not one of those states.

In fact, probating a Will in Pennsylvania is very simple.

Also very important is the fact that a Will only disposes of the assets (1) that you own in your individual name alone and (2) that possess no beneficiary designations (i.e., no tags).

Consequently, items owned jointly with another are controlled by property law (not Will law) and will pass to the joint owner(s) at your death, and items that have beneficiary designations will be controlled by contract law (not Will law) and pass to the designated beneficiaries at your death.